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  • Cleansing Occult Structures from Your Bloodline

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    A Deliverance Weekend

  • Pentecost 2021

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    Glory of Zion International Pentecost Weekend Gathering from May 14th-16th, 2021

  • Passover 2021

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    Watch the gathering for Passover 2021 from March 26th - 28th, 2021

  • Starting the Year Off Right 2021

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    We are in a season of great contention in this nation, and that is why Starting the Year Off Right is so significant. This one-day gathering will be a time of WORSHIPING AND WARRING into the year ahead.

  • Head of the Year 5781

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    Head of the Year 5781

  • Passover 2020

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    Not since the original observance in Egypt has there been a Passover with families gathered in homes behind closed doors. However, this modern-day Passover was not on celebrated by God’s covenant people (the Jews), but by Gentiles around the world as well. In this Divine Pause created by a global...

  • Starting the Year Off Right 2020

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    A new year is an opportunity to surpass last season’s expectations and break into new realms of vision and decree. Our Starting the Year Off Right 2020 Celebration was an incredible time of aligning our expectations and declaration for a new year and decade. We have fully crossed into this Pey se...

  • Head of the Year 5780

    11 videos  |   Rent $9.99   |   Buy $39.99

    Head of the Year 5780 was an era-defining gathering…an equipping and “sending” time beyond any we have ever hosted. During this weekend of celebration, we entered a progression of declaration that will transform our future. The Hebraic year 5780 marks a transition from seeing to decreeing and com...

  • Passover 2019

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    Passover 5779 was a landmark in time when we crossed over into promise, rolled away the reproach of the past, and positioned ourselves to move forward and unlock the wealth of our promised inheritance. There was such a unified message that came forth from each of our speakers, and an incredible d...

  • Starting the Year Off Right 2019

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    Starting the Year Off Right 2019: Celebrating God's Goodness

    January 3-6, 2019

    Speakers include:

    Chuck Pierce, Cindy Jacobs, Dutch Sheets, Eleanor Roehl, Isaac Pitre, Jacqueline Del Rosario, Ramiro Pena, Robert Heidler, Rose Sambrook, John & Sheryl Price, and Venner Alston

  • Head of the Year 5779

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    Prepare for the New Wine to flow! Head of the Year of 5779 (Ayin Tet) was not only a time for the new wine to fill the wineskin of the future, but a season of harvest. Join us as we celebrate the revelation associated with this the year 5779 when the kingly anointing is displayed. Don’t miss y...

  • International School of Prophets 2018

    9 videos  |   Rent $9.99   |   Buy $39.99

    The International School of Prophets was an incredible weekend where expectations were far exceeded. Only the Lord could have awakened and activated our senses to see, hear and prophecy so far beyond where we have ever been. If you have a desire to gain access to a new dimension of prophetic rele...

  • Passover 2018

    9 videos  |   Rent $9.99   |   Buy $39.99

    The Passover feast was given to increase our faith and prepare us to enter into the fullness of His blessing. Don’t miss the opportunity to watch and enter the new era ahead.

    Speakers include Barbara Yoder, Blake Healy, Dutch Sheets, Jane Hamon, Jennifer LeClaire, Joan Swallow, Joe Donnell,...

  • Starting the Year Off Right 2018

    10 videos  |   Rent $9.99   |   Buy $39.99

    Beginning with the opening Breakthrough Watch, we knew we were on the Lord’s path of glory for Starting the Year Off Right 2018! As we gathered, our God was faithful through each session and speaker to equip us to end one season and enter into a new expression of Kingdom authority we have never e...

  • The Movement: A Time to Roar from Zion

    5 videos  |   Rent $4.99   |   Buy $19.99

    Sound creates movement and allows us to gain access to new boundaries. Our "Time to Roar from Zion" Movement Weekend was an explosion of worship and revelation to break us into new cycles of blessing. Although the enemy may be roaring like a lion, this is a season for God's people to roar more lo...

  • The Movement: The Power of Deliverance

    6 videos  |   Rent $4.99   |   Buy $19.99

    The ministry of deliverance is part of our inheritance, as well as an incredible blessing from the Lord. Unless we understand the concept of sin, iniquity and curses, we won't be able to break into the level of freedom the God desires for us in the spirit, soul and body. Too often, hidden things ...

  • The Movement: Overcoming Season of Miracles

    4 videos  |   Rent $4.99   |   Buy $19.99

    In a month of choosing our path...either darker and darker, or brighter and brighter...The Movement established our course of celebrating the LIGHT! A prophetic portal was opened so we could "turn the page", gain access to our next chapter of breakthrough, and shut the door to confusion. In a sea...

  • The Movement: Developing Your New Shield of Faith

    9 videos  |   Rent $4.99   |   Buy $19.99

    “Developing Your New Shield of Faith!” was not a conference, but rather an initiation of revelation, understanding, and activation to accelerate us into this year of outpouring. We fully believe what the Lord spoke: “This new move that is initiated will affect the world!” Wherever you are, be s...

  • The Movement: Releasing the Anointing

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    "Releasing the Anointing!” was not a conference but rather an initiation of revelation, activation and anointing to break us into a new movement. I fully believe what the Lord spoke to me, “This new move that is initiated will affect the world!” Wherever you are, be sure to enter in as you watc...